What to know about battle lifetime

  • How much time I can keep my battle under the voting condition?

You can set the lifetime of your battle depending on your choice. SociaBatt gives you the opportunity to keep your battle from 3 hours to 72 hours.


  • What to know about the battle lifetime?

You need to know that once the battle lifetime is finished,  People will be unable to pick on the battle.

Note: when viewing the battle, please check its lifetime and MAKE your decision before being deprived of voting!


  • How to let the user know what I prefer if the battle is finished?

SociaBatt allows its users to keep commenting even after the end of the voting period. Therefore, you can express your opinion through comments.


  • What are the rules associated with a finished battle?

Users should know that once the battle has ended they will not be allowed to pick anymore unless they want to discuss what image/statement they prefer through Comments.  Also, it is important to know that after ending the battle’s lifetime, there is no way you can delete the battle unless you delete it at the time it was still active.

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