Battles elements

  • Battle Mode

In SociaBatt, you can only post a battle as a statement mode or Image mode. It is important to know that you are allowed to only compare between two statements or two images.

Let me give you an example:

If you are interested in two different outfits, you can post them as an image mode and allow others to pick and give their opinions through comments.


  • Battle Title

Your battle title will show the users what is your battle about. Make sure to have an attractive title that invites your followers to support you.


  • Battle Topic

When you want to create your battle, it is necessary to type in the suitable Topic that matches your post. You have a variety of topics that you can discuss with others through SociaBatt.


  • “Who could see this?” option

Below “Who could see this?”, you have 2 options, either to limit your battle participation within your followers or to share it with the public where various SociaBatt users can view and participate.Thus the statements or images are required to be filled


  • Lifetime

Each battle you post have a lifetime. The lifetime will allow you to decide when the users’ voting on a certain post will be finished. Moreover, the battle lifetime varies between 3 hours and 72 hours, it depends on your choice. Learn more about Lifetime

Your choice is also counted, press on the radio/circle button beside a statement or an image to reveal your side of the battle. learn more about the picks